Monday, January 3, 2011

100 billion!

This is my first cover of 2011!! New forbes cover i shot in December of scientist, Dr., and inventor Jonathan Rothberg...very cool guy, I had a great time with him up at his house in Connecticut on a chilly December afternoon...alot of times on shoots for business magazines I spend hours with the people i photograph and still dont have a clue what it is that they do. I've shot derivatives traders for example and spent time with them over a beer after the shoot while they explain derivatives, and I still leave the shoot scratching my head about derivatives...Jonathan Rothberg was kinda like that. I did understand that he invented a technology that does DNA sequencing much cheaper and faster than its done now, but the technology and machine that he uses left me wondering what the heck he did!..... But, the one thing I did really enjoy was my time with him as he was a super nice and cool person.... I spent the better part of an afternoon with Jonathan on his waterfront compound riding around in his "gator" (a small but cool work ATV that gardeners use) and admiring the life size replica of stonehenge that he had installed on his 6 acre lawn. Sounds strange and impossible, but i assure you he actually did pull it off. The other cool thing at his house was his dinosaur T Rex skull that he had, very cool to see that. He also had a skull of something called a Cave Bear, which was a couple of hundred thousand years old, and which I'm holding in the other picture in this post as we used it as a prop for some of the shots....2010 was great, and this shoot was one of the last of an awesome year. I'm looking very forward to all the adventures and pictures that 2011 will bring, the craziness has already started so keep checking back here for more!

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