Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day in the life of a football game.

This story for ESPN was definitely one of the highlights for 2011 for me. The assignment was simple: go to an NFL football game, set up a backdrop, and photograph as many people that were there working that day as possible. ESPN was devoting a whole issue to one football game, The houston texans vs. the pittsburgh steelers. The were sending about 50 photographers and writers to cover the game from all angles possible. Nancy Weismann gave me what i think was the best assignment that day. We set up early in the hallways underneath the stadium, and basically just grabbed anyone walking by and took a super fast portrait of them. I photographed about 75 people that day, from the quarterback for the texans, to a guy that sells beer in the stands during the game. Cheerleaders, cameramen, bomb sniffing dog, policeman, janitor, etc.. so much fun....the highlight of the day is in the video attached to this post. At halftime there was a college marching band that entertained...after they came off the field, we had THE WHOLE BAND march across my backdrop while i shot. So much fun and so cool..after they all went by, I looked at my assistant and remarked how much i love my job... video

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Peter Taylor said...

That truly is an exceptional assignment and you rocked it! awesome! - pt